if we are looking at this planets history >>>

we see always the same destruction of every thing that is not destroying
there while all the destructors … are surviving !

there is only one thing wrong with this >>>
this destruction is so intrinsic in this way of death
that there is no way to have the environment survive
through all this destruction

so in the end > all will be destroyed by their own destruction
most likely being the creation of a second venus coming
meaning we will be having some boiling oceans

and nothing left but some bacteria
being from some under water volcano ….

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about the church and freezone

I was introduced to scientology in 1975 through my ceo 
who had joined them ....

I was faszionated by dianetics > and trying it out my self !
even built some e meters for self auditing !

where I would not have to dial around all the time on this knob 
to stay on scale .....  

but I had a great dislike of its author ... lrh right away !
and now ... after all this time > I am finding out why >
according to your internet presence  > he was teaching people > 

that life was a game !

and this being shurely true > but it shurely not being the solution 
to bringing up the masses > to being better players of games !

but to have them stop all together playing games >
and starting to live an honorable life !
a responsible ...

and that the church being not really a religion is veryfied by the fact 
that lrh him self > has been saying > religions > 
are there to enslave people
only the technology to enhance their capabilities would be helpful ....

>>> in wasting every thing ... including the environment <<<

now ... I am not saying the established religions on this world 
are helping any one !
they shurely are doing a lot of harm ....

but only because not being the right religion !
one that can be analysed all the way > 
to being right > all the way .... today !

but will those players want a real religion ? .... 
do they want to live an honorable life ?

it doesnt seem so !
they want to be free > being better players .....

now .... 
I am realy interested in hearing your answer to this simple reality !

but > why should you even bother ?
what valid arguments could you bring forth ?

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the source ….. of all evil ……

and why there is no inteligent life possible >
no science ……. consequently no solutions realized !

simply ….. the biological vanity of eve …
her consequent agreement with satan!

her consequent adam selection >
over the millions of generations >

having created this mass delusion> where> no discusion
just an un fair competition to be favored by eve>

meaning … only propaganda for their destruction of paradise>

of course> this awful destruction mostly realized by > adam >
and his billions of his colleagues !

and of course > all these billions of carnivores …. these glorified>
those so loved by eve!

there while …. every homo sapiens running into nothingness  …..
being crucified> finished off > executed>> into the psychiatric ward …..

and should he freak out because of all this injustice
then of course to prison with him > all dieing long>
because an execution would be a redemption …

as billions of potential humans do …. on this world >
because they> both> gender

not to want to experience this delusional insanity …. any longer !

because everyone > of even beginning inteligence >
can not possibly participate in this mass delusion >

this simply …. impossible>
as it was impossible for every homo sapiens ….. 400 years ago >
to join this despot delusional ….. mass !

as it was ….. for every human  2000 years ago ….
as it is …. for all scientists ….. today !


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years ago …….

I was assuming …. that  some how …. I could be helping ….. this population >
ofcourse this is not so!

any one can only help them …. do more harm !
further help them harm …… quite conceited ….

the pharisees have not needed any jesus !
but a senatus romanus …..

which  brought them back > their conceit again >
they were the highest in the world!

the same …. 400 year ago!

the romans did not need to know how the planetary world functions ….
but did need a pope > for this danger to their conceit > to finish off !

or 70 years ago >

the hitler youth didnt need ….. no siblings scholl!
but such a despot state court !

and today?
of course …. no difference it all >

each one only needs his conceit again procured>
to be a pest > a glorified pest !

as all are united in > the greatest pest to be
and loved ….. for it …..

so everyone can just …. always help>
to come up with more conceit for each individual ……
for his group > his nation!

but this > being harming the future and the world as a whole!

because of more and more resources squandering>
adding always more co² to the climate …. flipping …..

and in his delusional insanity > being conceited more and more!

otherwise he will be shunned >
having no more of an existence …..

therefore ….. this world just will perish>
because the dynamics …. simply can not let any things else happen !



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unfortunate existences …. those ….

with that so  called art > meaning artificial>
wanting to enhance their unfortunate dying …..

with endless entertainment in their existential emptyness
even with games > meaning artificial competitions
a full failure of character with there distractions >!

with pets … even vermin > rave so their pictures before
behavior for her so clever animal existance

can not be homo sapiens
can not differentiate between right and wrong >
meaning no offer for humans ….


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the definition ….. religion

there has be in any religion >
for the individual to suggest the knowledge >

that only when he is behaving properly ….

He will be becoming > immortal >
so he can keep his paradise !

not as in a short and medium > term
feel comfortable through hypocrisy …..

not to be successful at the cost of his world!
So as well his more or less distant future ….


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this only aspiration …..

this ever lasting craving > to be mass insane

originates from the reality >
of this world being not a homo sapiens
but a mass insane pest …. bringing the end to all

because with this consequential refusal of reality ….
meaning this pretention of success > of being holy or rightious

this heath system doing nothing but en slave
this wasting of all resources and flipping the climate to becoming hell on earth …..

can only be the result of such a mass insanity

so …. we need an education with the goal
for bringing the wisdom of a homo sapiens population


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we need a new explaination for all things …

all religions established today on this planet ….
where not ment for the modern homo sapiens !

but for their ancient societies ….
with their totally different reality !

this is the reason >
for writting up this extension of those acient religions
since modern society does obviously not work with out !

since we need a new explaination for all things …
to solve the problems of today !


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