about the church and freezone

I was introduced to scientology in 1975 through my ceo 
who had joined them ....

I was faszionated by dianetics > and trying it out my self !
even built some e meters for self auditing !

where I would not have to dial around all the time on this knob 
to stay on scale .....  

but I had a great dislike of its author ... lrh right away !
and now ... after all this time > I am finding out why >
according to your internet presence  > he was teaching people > 

that life was a game !

and this being shurely true > but it shurely not being the solution 
to bringing up the masses > to being better players of games !

but to have them stop all together playing games >
and starting to live an honorable life !
a responsible ...

and that the church being not really a religion is veryfied by the fact 
that lrh him self > has been saying > religions > 
are there to enslave people
only the technology to enhance their capabilities would be helpful ....

>>> in wasting every thing ... including the environment <<<

now ... I am not saying the established religions on this world 
are helping any one !
they shurely are doing a lot of harm ....

but only because not being the right religion !
one that can be analysed all the way > 
to being right > all the way .... today !

but will those players want a real religion ? .... 
do they want to live an honorable life ?

it doesnt seem so !
they want to be free > being better players .....

now .... 
I am realy interested in hearing your answer to this simple reality !

but > why should you even bother ?
what valid arguments could you bring forth ?

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