the source ….. of all evil ……

and why there is no inteligent life possible >
no science ……. consequently no solutions realized !

simply ….. the biological vanity of eve …
her consequent agreement with satan!

her consequent adam selection >
over the millions of generations >

having created this mass delusion> where> no discusion
just an un fair competition to be favored by eve>

meaning … only propaganda for their destruction of paradise>

of course> this awful destruction mostly realized by > adam >
and his billions of his colleagues !

and of course > all these billions of carnivores …. these glorified>
those so loved by eve!

there while …. every homo sapiens running into nothingness¬† …..
being crucified> finished off > executed>> into the psychiatric ward …..

and should he freak out because of all this injustice
then of course to prison with him > all dieing long>
because an execution would be a redemption …

as billions of potential humans do …. on this world >
because they> both> gender

not to want to experience this delusional insanity …. any longer !

because everyone > of even beginning inteligence >
can not possibly participate in this mass delusion >

this simply …. impossible>
as it was impossible for every homo sapiens ….. 400 years ago >
to join this despot delusional ….. mass !

as it was ….. for every human¬† 2000 years ago ….
as it is …. for all scientists ….. today !

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