years ago …….

I was assuming …. that  some how …. I could be helping ….. this population >
ofcourse this is not so!

any one can only help them …. do more harm !
further help them harm …… quite conceited ….

the pharisees have not needed any jesus !
but a senatus romanus …..

which  brought them back > their conceit again >
they were the highest in the world!

the same …. 400 year ago!

the romans did not need to know how the planetary world functions ….
but did need a pope > for this danger to their conceit > to finish off !

or 70 years ago >

the hitler youth didnt need ….. no siblings scholl!
but such a despot state court !

and today?
of course …. no difference it all >

each one only needs his conceit again procured>
to be a pest > a glorified pest !

as all are united in > the greatest pest to be
and loved ….. for it …..

so everyone can just …. always help>
to come up with more conceit for each individual ……
for his group > his nation!

but this > being harming the future and the world as a whole!

because of more and more resources squandering>
adding always more co² to the climate …. flipping …..

and in his delusional insanity > being conceited more and more!

otherwise he will be shunned >
having no more of an existence …..

therefore ….. this world just will perish>
because the dynamics …. simply can not let any things else happen !


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